What Are The Closing Costs For The Seller Of The House?

Selling a house in Milwaukee requires you to shed some money. Various costs come with selling a house because of the various procedures and the people involved. Finding a new house and selling the previous one requires you to be prepared with the lump sum amount of money that will be spent on the brokers and the people who lend loans. Before you move into your dream house, the final step that you need to do is to close the payments or settle everything down with your previous property.

What Are Some Procedures Involved When Closing a Sale?

Closing costs include all the processes in which you pass the ownership of your property to another. As simple as this sounds, there are many procedures involved including:

  1. Files, documents, a text which are supposed to be exchanged
  2. Various signatures waiting for the down payment and settling different kinds of bills.

What your closing costs are when selling a house will depend on different factors. Let us see how to proceed with this further.

What Are The Fees Included in Closing Costs of a House

While selling a property, many kinds of fees and bills must be settled beforehand. Across Milwaukee, an average property is sold for anywhere between $100000 and $200000. Apart from this, closing costs will be anywhere around $2500 to $7000 after taxes. Let us see some fees that are applied at this stage.

The Fee of Appraisal:

This is the fee you pay for any kind of appraisal related to your property. Sometimes, this fee can be billed along with your initial loan statements.

Fee for the Credit Report:

The lender will request a credit report for which a fee has to be paid. This may also have been paid during the initial loan settlement stages.

Fee for the Process of Loan Origination:

The lender will have various loan-processing bills. This fee is solely for that purpose and will typically be around one percent of the entire mortgage.

Discount Loan Fee:

If you have demanded to lower your interest rate, you would have paid this fee as onetime charge initially.

Fees for Title Insurance:

Any kind of miscellaneous title fees, including title costs and searches with examination fees, comes under this category.

Escrow Fee for Different Accounts:

This is usually done with respect to the mortgage lender who initiates an account that is said to keep in hold the funds in case of annual property taxes.  This is a complicated deal, which includes taxes that equal an additional two months with respect to the total months that have elapsed in that year to be paid.

Fees for Recording and Transfer Taxes:

This fee is charged for purchasing of different documents and the transfer of ownership from the owner to the buyer.

Other Things That Are Included in Closing Costs

Apart from the fees that have to be paid, there are many other things to be kept in mind, which include the closing costs of your property in Milwaukee. Some of the most important pointers to keep in mind are:

1. Paying off the Mortgage

It is important for you to pay off the mortgage, which is likely to be the biggest hurdle in the closing statement. This bill includes fees like the principal amount balance, the different interests that you need to pay, or are pending from the last payment, which is dragged till the very end up until closing, the statement fees, and different fees for recording.

2. Real Estate Broker Commissions

In Milwaukee, paying off the real estate agents and brokers charges the biggest fees. They have a typical rate and commission charge of 5-10% with a split between the listing and buyer’s agents.

3. Different Transfer Taxes Rates

If a person moving into the city is buying your house, you, as a lender, will have to bear the charges of the different excise charges. The tax rates are charged anywhere around $3 for the sale of every $1000.

4. Property Taxes

These are fixed charges set by the state for the number of days a seller has kept the property. It is charged as a lump sum for the total days put together in every calendar year.

5. Attorney Fees

It is always important to hire an attorney for any case related to closing costs. They play a crucial role in these closing processes and charge for every paperwork and the different contracts. The charge depends on the type of property being sold, at what time of the year it’s being sold, and the type of sale it falls under.

6. Various Insurance Costs

There is an insurance cost for every property. This cost is based on the different selling prices of the property and also includes the various gap insurance charges and fees.

Things to Be Kept In Mind When Closing a Sale

Apart from the different fees and costs mentioned, there are a few things to be kept in mind.

1. Reviewing Closing Documents

Firstly, the closing documents have to be reviewed in advance. The different kinds of provisions mentioned in these documents must be understood and read beforehand. The deed is the most important document that ensures a legal transfer of the title from the one who is selling the property to the one who is buying it.

The certificate of title document enables you to guarantee the liable buyer with the rights for the said property.

2. Ask Questions Regarding the Proceedings

Secondly, you must always tend to ask different questions regarding the proceedings. It is important for you to stay on track of whatever is happening. If by any chance, you are being cheated, the person who is answerable to you will fumble. You can make your way through these proceedings in a smart manner without being taken for granted.

3. Always Carry Your ID With You

Thirdly, always carry your ID with you, and have two sets of the same. The ID will be useful to prove your identity in all the licensed notary involvements. What your closing costs are when selling a house can change and vary on the different factors mentioned.

Sometimes, the procedures can happen very quickly without any hurdles, and other times there will be a struggle at some point. It is always important to stay aware and updated to ensure no kind of fraud happens concerning your property as it involves a lot of money.


The different pointers to look after before settling the closing costs have been mentioned above. Hopefully, this helps clarify closing costs and gives you the information you need to sell your home with confidence.

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