When Will I Get The Check For Selling My House?


Looking for potential buyers for your house is undoubtedly a big deal. If your house is located in a decent locality, it should not be difficult to sell your house. Now once the agreement for the house is done, one question plagues the mind of the seller. ‘Will I get the check for selling my house?’

You will get the check, but do not expect it anywhere on or around the closing day. In the best of cases, you might receive the check within a week, and in some cases, it might take up to more than a month. Hence, keep patience, and you will receive the check.

Things to Consider When Selling Your House

Selling your house is a daunting task, which can be time-consuming and will check your patience. Now there are several factors, playing an important role in the sale of your house, especially in a city like Milwaukee. From price and locality to the neighborhoods, many such things affect the sale of your house.

Here are the factors you must consider while selling your house in Milwaukee.

1. Price

Price is the first thing a potential buyer notices. If you set the cost of your house competitive enough, there should not be any difficulty in selling it. However, if you set the price a bit too high, you might not even receive any bids. The price is affected by the following factors.

2. Locality

Locality includes everything from the people living around the house, to the essential locations in the area. A house on the main road, commands a premium over the one which is located in the interiors. Similarly, a house situated close to hospitals, supermarkets, schools, parks, and restaurants has more value.

3. Neighborhood

If your house is in areas like Downer Woods, Yankee Hill, and North Point, its value would be higher than in other regions. Suburbs around Milwaukee, which are getting major projects in various sectors, also tend to have higher property values.

Reasons to Hire a Realtor When Selling Your House

It is highly recommended that you hire the services of a realtor, who has considerable experience in real estate. There are quite a few reasons for this.

1. Rules And Regulations

Realtors have an in-depth knowledge of real estate. Now, if you go about selling your house on your own, you might not know all the rules and regulations. These rules are regularly updated, and realtors are the people who keep knowledge of that while selling your house. Sure, you need to pay them, but it inevitably reduces the amount of time and chances of mistake in the paperwork.

2. Reach

Realtors are people who have a very strong network within Milwaukee and its suburbs. If you opt to sell on your own, your advertisements will reach a fraction of the audience that the realtors approach. Realtors even keep in touch with people from other cities who are planning to shift to Milwaukee. Now, better the range, higher are the chances of your house getting sold for a premium amount.

3. Ability To Contact The Buyer’s Agent

You might choose not to hire a realtor, but what about your potential buyer. Imagine having a meeting with your buyer’s agent, and they start using some fancy terms, and some silly reasonings to knock a few dollars off the quoted price. These kinds of situations require a realtor who has knowledge of the market trends and is capable of negotiating a deal with agents as well as buyers.

If you are approached by a potential buyer, who does not employ an agent, it’s a huge benefit for you. The situation here simplifies to an extent. The negotiations regarding prices, renovations, etc. can be quickly sorted out between you and the buyer. But when filing the paperwork for the agreement, the need for a realtor would seem to be a better option.

Another case might be that a company makes an offer of buying your house. In such a case, do not expect any negotiations with the company to be fruitful. If you are satisfied with the company’s offer, go ahead and sell the house. You do not have to take the trouble of handling the paperwork or the renovations, as the company will do all this. Also, in this way, the process will be quick and less tiresome.

Will I Get the Money Immediately After Closing the Deal?

Do not expect the sale money to be handed over to you on the closing day. There is no point in arguing with the buyer about not getting the agreed sum on the closing day. It is the general procedure, which takes time to process. If the system works without any complications, your money should be with you within a couple of days. But complications do arise, and this leads to a delay in the arrival of the amount.

Once the deal is done, the buyer who is legally the new owner of the house may approach you with the paperwork, asking you to handover the house. And if you haven’t received the check yet, the new owner can take legal action. The whole deal boils down to the mutual understanding between the two parties. You can inform the buyer that you haven’t received the check yet, and you would hand over the house once you receive it.


This is a major question among the residents of Milwaukee. Will I get the check for selling my house on closing day? There might be an off chance that it happens. But usually, it doesn’t, and it may take up to a month in the process. However, this is not something you should worry about. It has been observed quite often that couriers get misplaced at the courier services leading to delay in the arrival of the check.

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